150e Anniversaire du Mahatma Gandhi
Colloque national: Gandhi et le monde francophone
Chennai, mars 20-21, 2020

Dear Colleague,

We are happy to inform you that the Department of French and Other Foreign Languages of University of Madras and the Association of Indian Teachers of French (AITF) in collaboration with the Bureau du Québec at Mumbai and the Association internationale des Etudes québécoises (AIEQ) are organising a two day National Seminar on Gandhi et le monde francophone (Gandhi and the Francophone world) on March 20-21, 2020 at the University of Madras.

Prof Mathieu Boisvert of University of Montreal is being invited to deliver a special talk on Gandhi: de l'Inde au Québec and Prof Madanagobalane will deliver a special talk on Malraux et Gandhi.

M. Francis Paradis, the Consul and Director of Bureau du Quebec at Mumbai is the Chief Guest apart from other dignitaries such as current and former Vice-Chancellors of University of Madras, etc.

The objective of this seminar is to highlight and bring to focus especially for the younger generation how Gandhian thought has transcended boundaries and have influenced many thinkers and writers across the world.

France and francophone countries are no exception and many French and francophone philosophers and writers have been admirers of Gandhi and his philosophy of non violence.

The theme of the seminar is unique and novel as no other university or institution in India has come up with such a theme which celebrates 150th Birth Anniversary of the Father of the nation. This seminar is organised to pay rich tributes to Gandhi as even now his philosophy is relevant and continues to lead us towards wisdom and knowledge. 

The seminar aims :

  • to bring out the significance of Gandhian philosophy;
  • to highlight how Gandhian thought had shaped and influenced French and francophone writers and thinkers;  and
  • to identify research potential and possibilities for our present and future scholars in French.
Senior Professors and experts will be participating in this seminar. Teachers and scholars can also make poster presentation.

We request teachers and scholars to register on or before February 16, 2020 by sending the duly filled-in registration form attached herewith to aitfdesk@yahoo.com

Looking forward to meeting you once again in Chennai,

Dr. N. C. Mirakamal
Head, Department of French & Other Foreign Languages
University of Madras
Vice-President, Association of Indian Teachers of French (AITF)
Vice-President (Asia), Association internationale des Etudes québécoises (AIEQ)


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